GameController JoystickMouse

Hi, from SgaboLab  a new invention ... new game device controller.
This is a idea that I have from many years but I build recently ... I build from trash keyboard and mouse.
JoystickMouse is a joystick with the shape of a mouse :) 

It work with peg attach on the table that simulate lever of joystick.
It designed to FPS game. It is good for intense multiplayers battle and optimized your body posture for many hour of play without back or neck problems.

It has 14 programmable button, 4 for move cross (WASD) and 10 for other custom commands.

It acts like a joystick but it is not ...
but what is ??... is JoystickMouse ...
The ergonomics of a mouse with the functionality of a joystick ... :D