How to make Lipo and NiMh batteries in parallel

Hi, this is a simple way to connect NiMh battery with Lipo battery.
For this circuit, the Lipo battery must have voltage less than NiMh battery because internal resistence is very less respect NiMh battery. 
See the scheme below ..

R1 or R2 are internal resistance of battery. Until the V10 > V20 work only NiMh battery, when V10 = V20 Lipo battery erogate his power.

Exsemple, in my case I use 14,8V NiMh and 11,4V Lipo, when current consumption <= 5 Amp, work only  NiMh battery, upper a this consumption Lipo worked.

The ESC us to set Lipo and must be corrected voltage cut-off due to the 0,6-0,7 voltage drop on diode.

In the video below I use diode bridge instead of 2 separate diode, but the same circuit. The video is some dispersive because it is one of first video that I make :)
On the end of video you can see the unplug battery.