Brushless Experiment & 3Dprinting

Hi, This is my second try to convert brushed motor to brushless. I have many pieces of broken DC motors .. why not try to make one working ..

I printed this motor in PLA but I want to reprint it in ABS with some modification, you'll understand why after watching the video.  :)

Printed at layer 0,1 mm, temp head 175, temp bed 40, Nozzle 0,5, infill 50%, wall 1mm, top/bottom 1mm

The diametre of external motor is 28mm, it had nice torsion force and very good speed. 

I measure 36.900 rpm but after, I had incident :)

Due to a design error, the tolerance between the stator and rotor is reduced from original 0.5mm to 0.2mm, this increase the performance.

You can see the build, test and surprise problem in video below ;)

This prototype require a metal shield on rotor to prevent explosion or increase the wall of rotor from 1mm to 3-4mm


This is another brushless experiment. I think to joint two motor into one.

It work's greet at high speed but not have much torque force at lower speed. Tree poles stator is less for low speed.

I think a possible use in aircraft model.

In this video below the concept an the idea. 

and in this other video the build and test ..

DoubleThunder V2

This is the latest change to try convert DoubleThunder to 4 poles magnets .... not always the donuts they can with a hole ... you can see in video below ;)

I share all this 3Dprinting pieces and other thing on thingiverse under my account ..