BrushLess Experiment

Hi, on this page I want to collect some tests and experiments on brushless motors.
The ultimate aim is the construction of a brushless motor for my SgaboCar ..
I have some ideas but not yet a final project ... perhaps the arrival among my instruments of a 3D printer will help me in this ..  :)

Brushless from bicycle dynamo rotor, speed 40.950 rpm

I had an old bicycle dynamo ..... what to do?
I opened the dynamo and I took the rotor, it is formed by a magnet to 8 poles.
The poles has configure like a cross, look image at right
I make a core less stator with 6 poles and drive it with RC brushless controller.
These is didactic experiment, this motor not have force to real application ..
Here the video of this experiment ...

Conversion of normal dc motor to brushless

This is a simple conversion of normal dc motor to brushless, I rewire coil for best performace but simple way is welding 3 wire directly on 3 copper contacts of rotor. No rewire coil is necessary.
This motor have great torque force .. I thinking some ideas from this experiment for my future SgaboCar motor ..
You see video explanation on video below .. and comic incident event towards the end  :D