Open Brushless Project

Welcome on SgaboLab and to the Open Brushless Project. 

This is experimental project to research if is possible to build a DIY / homemade brushless motor with 3d printers help.

The goal is to find a way to made a usable brushless with common materials and tools.

First way that I try to make brushless is using recycled pieces of old brushed motor and rebuilding it with 3d printed pieces.
After first prototype that .. has explosive epilogue :) I made other two version that works .. but it have a basic problem .. less stator poles. They operate at high rpm, 37~42.000rpm .. but it have little torque because they has less poles and bad Fe magnets .. see the old post here: 
I have now taken up an old project and I redesigned it to reduce complexity. In practice I joined the rotor with the pinion and I deleted the drive shaft.
I have a some neodimio GeoMag magnets with high force and I used these and  normal M3 hexagon socket screws as the stator poles :)

Here the video of first test with some problem of electrical insulation but .. it run :D

And here the video of build and contacts coils explain:

After thinking about it a little .. I find this simple way to make a coils

Below some image for more details .. all measures are in mm
Magnets measures
magnet and screw

here the two rotor version and N/S magnets poles map:

Rotor v1 magnets poles
Rotor v2 magnets poles

here the mask to mark the hole on aluminium plate, suggest 3mm thick:

OpenBrushless Mask for Hole

drilled base

here the measure of two rotors:

Rotor V1 measure

rotor V2 use standard ball bearing with buttonhole.

ball bearing measure

Rotor V2 measure

Open Brushless Project is a working in progress, the geometric design seem to work.
Now the next step is to find a good way for make a coil in this little space :)

You can find 3d stl file here:

The Open Brushless Project is for all people that want to share own DIY brushless project. To this, I open "Open Brushless Project" community page on Google Plus.

UPDATE 17/03/2017
Add new design with new distance poles, it works best than previous version. I tried some distance poles and this is the best that I find, 8mm between the poles.

Add also printable base with M5 hole to test before made the metal version, New file have tag -d8- into name.

some data:
- 60 turn of wire for coil
- 0,5 ohm every phase (union of 3 coils, 180 turns of wire)
- speed ... unknown .. but not much .. I thinking around 3-5Krpm