Pc Fan Booster

Hi guys, this is a last idea from SgaboLab ... increase the static pressure of normal pc fan with this simple adapter ...

I made this prototype due to test a bladeless fan like Dyson fan that I try to made, you can see it in preview post.

The idea is to add a second stage of blade to simulate turbine compressor. I did not know if it could work .. but I have a 3d printer and why not try. 

Whit my surprise, it work very well .. above my expectations. I have try different design of blade before and here you see the final result.
As you can see in the video, there is a significant increase of the static pressure.


I think to do other test, like cooling of one heatsink to see if it increase the cooling performance with and without this adapter .. I think yes but for now I don't know ;)

If you are interested you can find this and other drawings in my new Pinshape shop: https://pinshape.com/users/130632-sgabolab