3d printing Bladeless Fan prototype

Hi, this is another experiment by SgaboLab .. :)

Following the fashion of the moment .. I made a 3d printable version of bladeless fan with aerodynamic profile like Dyson fan.

It works but require a little modification using a file before assembly because this is a prototype and I see the assembly problem after print.  You can see this and other on video below

In the video does not look good but for the test I use an adapter for the PC fan that increases the static pressure .. my other idea .. I named "PcFanBooster"  :)
You not see this adapter on video but you see another simple conic adapter. I show it here: PcFanBooster

Simple pc fan attach to input hole not work. The adapter PcFanBooster not the best for this but it is sufficient to create the Venturi effect.
If you want try, I suggest you can use hairdryer or other power fan ;)

3d printing Bladeless Fan prototype has been release on thingiverse and you can download here

Good experimentation  ;)