Rasp Pi RGB Led Web Driver

Hi after some time, I finally received the rgb strip led and other type of rgb led lamps for this project.

I made simple circuit with mosfet, pull down resistor and diode to protect I/O of raspberry. After I use a 12V PC power supply to power the mosfet and the led strip. In image below the simple scheme.

Diode D (optional) is only protect raspberry gpio from inverse current and possible human errors on electric connections .. I suggest to use it  ;)

Diose Dp (optional) is to protect mosfet if you want use this for drive inductive loads like electric motors. Some times this diode is encloused into mosfet and not need. You can see it on datasheet but if yon not have dadasheet use it by default.

Resistor R is for pull down mosfet gate in not conductive state. Good values is 5-10 Kohm.

This circuit is easy because I use mosfet recycled from xbox motherboard and it have less Vgs voltage respect standard mosfet. Tipically most of mosfet that you can found on pc, xbox, ps4, ecc motherboard working at less Vgs voltage.

For standard mosfet is need to use darlington configuration using another transistor to drive mosfet.

This is a single channel, you need 3 of this to drive the RGB strip led or other type of rgb led. Below the breadboard montage

You can see a switch because it need to capture the arena area by team and switch the colour of area to team colour. The switch is supply by 3,3V from raspberry and another pull down resistor to ground and connect to selected gpio pin.

For this first phase I made a simple program with NodeJS language that listen on local port 80 and drive led strip by simple http request with string parameters.

You can see it at work in the video below