Subbuteo Characters Holder

Hi, guys .. today I show you a new 3d model that I think it much like from subbuteo players :)

Last week my friend ask me to print a holder for subbuteo characters. Him alredy buy a box container but him asked me if I can find other solution ..

He give me a sample like you can see below who took from its box.

I think it is simple solution but very uncomfortable to extract the characters. Other problem is that when you move our box for transport them around, like when you go a tournament .. them do many noise because the characters move in it. I search on google if exist other solution but not found nothing, all people use this. 

I thinking to this for some days and after I had a idea for new concept of characters holder .. below you can see the result ..

It has easy access to characters and them are locked in very good way.
I think to made a video when you can see this .. when is done I post here.

Ok .. the box is done. Below a couple of photo and video of build.
On video you can see the incredible characters block, 80~85 degree of  tilt without falling ;)

You can buy this model on my Pinshape shop here