3d printing Filament Driver

Hi, some time ago .. during the last Christmas holidays, I try to make a strong filament pusher because with my new e3d hardened nozzle,   I had filament slip problems during normal speed print process ...

 Normaly, I print at 45-50 mm/s because I don't want have problem and .. I have fine setting of my printer for this speed :)

In same time I had a new idea for extruder hotend. From this idea is born a BronzeCore mod :) You can see this mod explained in video below:

After this mod, the original 3drag filament pusher works fine and the reason to make new strong filament pusher .. no more needed :)

But I spend more time to build this project and I thinking is interesting to show. It work but have an error on motor placement that touch the aluminium bar. I think a possible future use is on bowden systems. 
Below the video .. good viewing :)