Pc Fan Booster

Hi guys, this is a last idea from SgaboLab ... increase the static pressure of normal pc fan with this simple adapter ...

3d printing Bladeless Fan prototype

Hi, this is another experiment by SgaboLab .. :)

Following the fashion of the moment .. I made a 3d printable version of bladeless fan with aerodynamic profile like Dyson fan.

Rasp Pi RGB Led Web Driver

Hi after some time, I finally received the rgb strip led and other type of rgb led lamps for this project.

Subbuteo Characters Holder

Hi, guys .. today I show you a new 3d model that I think it much like from subbuteo players :)

Last week my friend ask me to print a holder for subbuteo characters. Him alredy buy a box container but him asked me if I can find other solution ..

Fan switch on/of and speed regulation - LCD Repair from overheat defect

Hi, some week ago with the arrival of summer heat, I had an overheating problem of the LCD monitor. The problem and solve is show into video that you can see at the and of this post.

3d printing Filament Driver

Hi, some time ago .. during the last Christmas holidays, I try to make a strong filament pusher because with my new e3d hardened nozzle,   I had filament slip problems during normal speed print process ...

USB self start every camera explain

Hi, this is a mod/hack is to power on every camera when connect USB power cable.

I recently upload a video that explain how to make it but here I explain the working the idea ...

3Dprinting Quick Exhaust Valve

Ok, guys .. I inaugurate the post section with this last project ...  
This project is one step on the way to build a toy gun that fire salt bullets :D .. I don't know if I will succeed.

The final idea is create a printable QEV with regulator for time to shot, below the shema.

Joystick like a Mouse

Hi guys, today from SgaboLab ... a new game device for to be a PRO on all fps multiplayer games  :D


Spot Welder with mobile tips and capacitor

Hi, this is my version of electric spot welder build from 800w microwave transformer. I not use any fan because  rele  active MOT transformer only 2~3 seconds at a time.   

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